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Heart & Peace Meditation - Every Day 30 min. at: 9 AM and 9 PM.

Important Message:
Dearest Friends, of the Truth & Love Heart and Peace Meditation,
Iam not participating at the Oki Talk Festival the 21. October 2018 because of me deciding not to do the Live Meditation at Oki Talk Radio anymore. I stopped broadcasting  the Meditation from Oki Talk at the End of August in 2018. Several Trust issues appeared to be to much for me my values and belives.
I invite you to the next regular event at lake constance on the 28. October 2018.

Please check out the regulary updates above.
From my heart to yours.
Susen May.

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Monthly Update : - for the spiritual / physical preparation for the changing energys on earth,

I startet to host a series called - "Trusting the loving creator and your own unique loving existence."

 "Truth & Love Heart and Peace Meditation."

Episode 1: What is Trust ? -

Episode 2: What is Love ? -

Episode 3: Human Values. -

Episode 4:

8/24/18  "Ould Programming and Habits"
"Trust the Loving Creator and your unique loving existence" .

... Information for Upcoming Dates is coming soon.

From my Heart to yours.

Susen May.

Dear Friends

of, peace, love, joy, truth, freedom, conscious awarenes, courage, health, happyness, sovereignty, Human & earthlove, beauty, and the natural creation.

Truth & Love! Heart and Peace Meditation.

Is a mutual daily moment for all Humans who find joy in feeling their inner Peaceful place.

We meet Daily at 9 am and 9 pm for 30 Minutes in our inner Silence wherever you are.

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How can you book a One on One Session ?

I am going to support your healing and sovreignty process on all Levels.

At first we are going to have a 15 min. Talk via Phone or Skype - Iwill explain my work to you and you will describe your situation.

After we find a Date where we will have a 1- 2 h  sesssion.

Please Note ! There are no Soulreadings or religious adorations integratet. I do respect your own unique Energyfield - your Wourld - your free will.

Please Contakt me: 0157 / 84742708

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