Truth and Love !

Heart and Peace Meditation.

Feel your unice - infinite - loving existance.

In Groups, alone at home, with family, as a couple or at work.

30 minutes Heart meditation

Every Day at  9 am and 9 pm  -  since February 2016.

We humans are strong and full of miracles.

Your Body , mind, spirit and soul are united and one.

The most powerful thoughts are the once truly from the heart.

Let us apply ( our newly )  aquired knowledge of the past decades about the body, heart and breath.

Wich are about selfhealing, knowing thyself, self awarenes, inner peace and the balance between mind, body and soul.

Loving Awareness creates a balanced field in wich we experiance love, healing and peace.

All intentions and thoughts arising from the state of universal order of pure love  have a substantial creative power.

The Moment in wich you are experince entire oneness in eternal pure love.

You Are.

Together we are strong and capable of healing everything now and beyond.

Little insight into the Meditation.

Your  intention coming from the heart is substantial and important.

Feel your body and breath, give thanks to the loving Creator of natural creation, your body, spirit, soul, the earth.

You are grounded.

Give gratitude to yourself and your sourroundings.

First connect to your higher self, your whole own unice spirit and soul.

Feel your heart, feel your breath, you are in your body were your inner peace resides you are at home you are connected to yourspirit and your soul.

Inhale feel your intire body including your head – feel your intire body gently expanding.

Feel everything at the same time. Breath, Heart, Body.

Should something block you.

You might have to forgive yourself or somebody else.

Find the guilt and forgive yourself and others with all your heart.

Reconnect with your higher self and your own whole spirit and soul.

Connect with the order of the source of eternal - universal love - the loving Creator of natural creation.

You Are

be aware - create

We humans are loving - eternal - sovereign beings.

From my heart to yours.

Susen May

© Truth and Love - Heart and Peace Meditation