The Heart & Peace Meditation

Your inner Peace is creating your outer Peace.

Dear Friends

of, peace, love, joy, truth, freedom, conscious awarenes, courage, health, happyness, earthlove, beauty, and the natural creation.

Truth & Love! Heart and Peace Meditation.

Is a mutual daily moment for all Humans who find joy in feeling their inner Peaceful place.

We meet Daily at 9 am and 9 pm for 30 Minutes in our inner Silence wherever you are.

The Meditation is free from adorations, guidet Visualisations, its all about you your awareness of your existence, your body , your spirit, your soul, your conscious and your inner still sacred space.

My Name is Susen May.

The Birth of the Heart and Peace Meditation was In Februrary 2016 since then i sit in my inner sacred space every morning at 9 am and every evening at 9 pm. Its all about the silence of our Hearts, our souls, of our entire existence.
The most important thing in / my life my life“s work is to remind as many Humans as possible about the fakt that every Human has a devine Spirit and unique Soul.
We are eternal beings who are very special, beautiful in their naturalness, empathy and creative power.
We are able to create, to experience and learn every moment trough imagination and emotions. It is very important to be aware of our thoughts, emotions, values on wich our existence is based.
By living this universal law we respect an love eachother naturally.
Every Moment our energyfields interact with eachother and we create together. Humans, animals, plants , trees, minerals, galaxys, universes, all natural creation, coexists this way.
I invite all Humans to joyfully join together in the path of pure eternal love and in there quite beauty of existence.
A beautiful part of our gatherings, besides the heart and peace meditation is the transmission of the message of the Kogi Tribe to the „Little Brothers ( Us ) so they say. I am glad to have met Mamo Jose Gabriel Limaco of the Kogi Tribe of Columbia.
Note: In many reagions of the earth citys of the world were fear, confusion, trauma and the resulting violance prevails. 

Studys have clearly shown that regular meditations and prayergruops – with a common focus on universal love, truth, freedom and peace acts as a transformer to permanently pacify the reagion, city or even country.

Humans are loving - infinite - sovereign Creator beings.

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