Seminars / Workshops

I look forward to all invitations to events in which the heart meditation truth & love, the daily workshop or the 2-day seminar - We are eternal creatorbeings, can be a harmonious part of.

Everything can take place individually or in combination. If you  know a place and / or you  want to organize a event.

Iam very happy to receive your request.

Content and Timeframe of

Truth & Love - Heart and Peace Meditation

7.30 pm admission.

8 pm Start:         Attunement
9 pm - 9.30 pm  Heart and Peace Meditation.

9.30 pm             Questions and Answers.

22.00 pm            3 minute silence.

Important: This meditation is only supported by donations because any fixed price is contradictory to the content. would.

Lecture / 1 day workshop / 2 day seminar
Based on own experiences and knowledge,

I also offer a lecture, 1 day workshop or a 2-day seminar:

Title: We humans are eternal creators.

Content: Distinctive clarification of one's own spiritual position and sovereignty here on earth.

Explanations and exercises for souvereign and gentle attunement to your unique spirit,  soul and eternal existence.

Important: This part is financed by a fixed price. For students and Hatz 4 recipients it is cheaper.

I am happy about all requests !!!

From my heart to yours

Susen May.

We humans are loving beings.

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